Peace is not a destination

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Peace is not a destination. It is a breath to breath journey towards realizing the fullness of life and realizing a connection to the constant and calming source of all energy and all creative magnificence.

Along the pathway towards realizing Peace, there are both sink-holes and oases.

Our true journey is to seek to fill our inner reservoir with gratitude and cultivate our appreciation for the gift of life itself. Then, when we find ourselves in the comfort of the oasis along our life’s journey, we will endeavor to enrich our stores of plenty with the nectars of humility and love so that when we stand at the rim of life’s most daunting and deepest sink-holes, we will have the wisdom and fortitude to manoeuvre the edge and find our way around and beyond the depths of our greatest challenges.

PEACE abides in the moment to moment, step by step, breath by breath weaving of that which we know as our life tapestry.

It is a creative work in progress. Let me join you on this journey and assist you in the navigation of the Peace roadway and as each new day breaks as you eliminate stress, regain a sense of calm and reclaim your power as you traverse this life path.

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